An immersive 3D visualisation system with a touchless UI

COSMONiO® 3jector™ is a 3D visualisation system with a touchless user interface. It combines a 3D projector with the LEAP Motion controller and our advanced 3D rendering software to create an unbelievably immersive 3D experience.

Control everything with just your hands

3D projector + COSMONiO 3D Engine + LEAP Motion

How do you interact with 3D data?

Despite the recent advancements in 3D visualisation and virtual reality, it is surprising how many professionals still use a keyboard and mouse to inspect 3D data on 2D displays. From medical applications to engineering design, interactive 3D visualisation is the future and COSMONiO can help you be part of it.

What is 3jector?

  • A 3D visualisation system with a 3D input device.
  • Based on 3D projection and LEAP Motion technologies.
  • Controlled by hand motion and gestures.
  • Touch-free.
  • Custom-developed software creates an immersive 3D experience.

What are the applications?

  • 3D inspection and quality control.
  • 3D visualisation of medical volumes.
  • 3D engineering design.
  • Serious gaming.
The system is currently being tested by selected users. If you are interested in participating in system trials please contact us.

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