About  COSMONiO 

COSMONiO® designs cutting-edge A.I. systems that automate the process of extracting visual information from images even under the most challenging conditions. What sets COSMONiO apart from the competition is the universal nature of its self-learning algorithms that can be trained to perform multiple tasks from single-cell microorganism analysis to outer space exploration.

COSMONiO was originally founded in 2012 as a consultancy business in the space of computer vision and machine learning. In September 2015, COSMONiO IMAGING was founded with the single aim of creating NOUS, the world’s first interactive deep learning product.

COSMONiO NOUS™ is an all-inclusive active deep-learning system that any user can train through an intuitive interface. Complex pattern-recognition problems in the fields of biology, health, defence, industrial inspection and space exploration can now be solved within minutes.


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About  NOUS 

Word definition

“Mind or intellect”

NOUSTM is the ancient greek word for mind or intellect. Our mission is to empower human experts with AI. At COSMONiO we believe that AI systems shall learn through interaction with the people who carry the knowledge and expertise in any specific domain.

Our  Labs 

COSMONiO’s office is on the internet, since we always aim to work with the brightest minds in the world regardless of their location. Still, we need labs for our research and development activities, so we founded CORTEXLAB , HEALTHLAB and LIFELAB. All of these labs are positioned in the heart of highly innovative campuses, where science, technology and creativity blend.



R&D Hotel, L.J. Zielstraweg 2, 9713 GX Groningen 
The Netherlands


Agora 4, 8934 CJ Leeuwarden 
The Netherlands


 Cranfield Innovation Centre, University Way, Cranfield, MK43 OBT 
United Kingdom