Is it possible to add a WordPress blog to your Rapidweaver site? YES! Click below to see the proof:

What you need:

  1. Rapidweaver 6
  2. Foundation stack by Joe Workman
  3. An existing wordpress blog


  1. Create a new rapidweaver website
  2. Create a stacks page
  3. Set theme to Foundation
  4. Using Rapidweaver’s “Inspector” menu set the page filename to header.php
  5. Drag and drop the following two stacks:
    1. Global Site Styles
    2. Global Top Bar
  6. Publish to your server

WordPress setup:

So far we have created a top bar that we are going to add to a wordpress blog as follows:

  1. Create a wordpress blog
    1. Let’s assume that your website address is:
    2. … and your blog address is:
  2. Set a theme through the wordpress admin menu
  3. Go to Appearance->Editor->header.php
  4. Insert the following code between the <head> and <body> tags.
<!-- Set base URL -->
 <base href="">

<!-- Insert Rapidweaver header -->
<?php include './../header.php';?>

<!-- Reset base URL -->
 <base href="">

That’s it. Just save the changes and your wordpress blog should have the Rapidweaver top bar.



  1. This approach will not work with any wordpress theme. At least not without some code changes.
  2. The wordpress theme on the example above is Coeur, which is free to download.
  3. To add a link to your blog on the topbar just add an “Offsite Page” to your rapiweaver project.
  4. In the example above, the chosen foundation Site Styles also affect the blog. How cool is that?


Since Joe Workman released Foundation for Rapidweaver I had no doubt that this is the future of website development. But when it comes to blogging rapidweaver is still ages behind despite some efforts by Joe and others to build stacks that allow online blogging. Anyway, I hope this simple solution helps you manage your blog online using WordPress. I am sure that the Rapidweaver experts will find a way to turn this implementation into a (FREE) stack and wordpress plugin that anybody can use.