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Capture, annotate and analyze image & video data in no time through interactive deep learning



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All-in-One AI Platform

Capture • Annotate • Train • Iterate • Deploy

  • NOUS Annotator
    AI-powered image & video annotation using pen drawing on a Microsoft® Surface tablet
  • NOUS Learner
    A powerful Deep Learning server powered by NVIDIA® Titan RTX GPU with a unique thermal design
    The world's first interactive deep learning software platform that learns to perform visual tasks from human interaction

NOUS is a complete AI platform in a box. Seamless integration of hardware and software creates a unique AI experience. Complex deep-learning tasks for image or video analysis can be tackled within minutes.

  • Classification
  • Segmentation
  • Object detection
  • Counting
  • Anomaly detection

NOUS is for both beginners and expert data scientists.

  • Entry level
    Use our selection of state-of-the-art algorithms to train your own neural network. No coding required.
  • Advanced level
    Integrate your own algorithm using any deep learning framework in a Docker container.

Active Learning

Incremental Learning

Multi-task Learning


Train a model in Minutes

with you-in-the-loop

Full AI Lifecycle

Let experts annotate, train, validate and deploy deep learning models on a single platform from beginning to end.

Fast Interactive Learning

With direct feedback from domain experts, your model evolves continuously in real time.

Forever Private & Secure

Keep your data private and secure with on-premise hardware and software. No internet access required.


Discover NOUS yourself

  • Learn more from our use cases;
  • Medical Imaging
  • Agriculture
  • Quality inspection
  • Automotive
  • Security


Analyze image data up to

100 x