Deep Learning Software Engineer

Position: We are seeking an enthusiastic, self-motivated Deep Neural Network Engineer to join our R&D team. The work will focus on real-time deep learning algorithms that train through interaction with the user. The input data comprises images (2D/3D) and the interaction is performed via a tablet where the user annotates images using a stylus. The aim is to teach the system to perform automatic image analysis in the fields of medical imaging, microbiology, security and others. You will be asked to work together with scientists from universities and organizations worldwide.

About the company: COSMONiO® designs cutting-edge computer-vision and machine-learning systems that automate the process of extracting visual information from images. COSMONiO is revolutionising the world of deep learning with its NOUS platform. NOUS is an active deep learning platform that users can train on images without any prior experience in deep learning. This is achieved through an intuitive graphical user interface. It is unique in the sense that it requires only a small training dataset before making high-accuracy predictions.


This position is available at our UK office.


  • Develop real-time DNNs for image analysis, which learn through interaction with the user
  • Evolve our dynamic image annotation system
  • Improve existing deep learning algorithms
  • Track the latest advances in deep learning literature
  • Work closely with our R&D team


The successful candidate should be self-motivated and a creative problem solver who loves working in a multidisciplinary team. The person should be familiar with emerging approaches in this field. Other key experiences and knowledge include:

  • A Masters or Ph.D. degree in informatics, computer vision, machine learning, mathematics or other related field;
  • Experience with convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks or reinforcement learning;
  • Experience in TensorFlow;
  • Technical proficiency in Python and C++;
  • Technical proficiency GPU programming using CUDA (optional);
  • Aware of recent developments in deep learning;
  • Technical proficiency in handling and analysing large data sets;
  • Experienced with data collection, organisation and integration;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills are required.
  • Experienced in writing peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts.

Contract: Initially 1-year full-time followed by a permanent contract.

Salary: £40000 to £65000 per year depending on experience.

How to apply: Send your CV and cover letter to

Apply before: 20th December 2019.